Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is Beech Hill's firewood dried?
Answer: Beech Hill Firewoods kiln dried wood is cured and delivered to us from Colton Enterprises in Vermont. Beech Hill's kiln dried wood is never stored outside before delivery.

Beech Hill Firewood's air dried wood is dried for 1 year or more. Sun, wind and time prepare this wood for burning.

Q: What is the difference between kiln dried and air dried firewood?
Answer: Kiln dried firewood is dried in large kiln ovens rather than left to mother nature. It has a lower, more even moisture content than air dried wood. Kiln dried firewood is suitable for any type of fire. Kiln dried woods should be kept inside (ex: the basement).

Air dried firewood is naturally seasoned outdoors. The sun and wind evaporate the water content to prepare it for burning. Air dried firewood is suitable for any type of fire. Unlike kiln dried wood, air dried wood due to it's higher moister content, can be stored inside or outside under suitable cover.

Q: How much wood should I order?
Answer: The kiln dried and air dried firewood will last an equal time.

If you typically enjoy 1 or 2 fires per week a 1/2 cord should last the winter season (November to March)

If you typically enjoy 3 or more fires per week we suggest a whole cord to last the winter season (November to March).

Q: Where do you put the firewood when you deliver it?
Answer: Beech Hill Firewood will contact you for the exact location you would like your firewood delivered. We can pile or stack your firewood inside or outside.

Q: Does it matter where I store my firewood?
Answer: Your wood can be stored outside or inside. It is best to let the fresh air get to the wood to keep it dry. Storing wood inside will keep the wood dry as well as insect free. Many people keep wood in closets, extra rooms or a wood rack.

Q: Will you deliver up flights of stairs or basements?
Answer: Yes, and Elevators.

Q: How often should the chimney be cleaned?
Answer: A minimum of once a year is recommended to eliminate creosote buildup.

Q: How does burning firewood effect our environment?
Answer: Chimney Safety Institute of America states that unlike the burning of fossil fuels, burning firewood releases no more harmful greenhouse gases than would be produced were the wood to simply rot on the forest floor.