Kindling is an excellent way to start warm fires on the first try. Beech Hill Firewood provides large bundles of oak, ash, maple and beech hardwood kindling. Kindling should be kept inside or be very well tarped up outside.

Want to "quick start" your fire?
Purchase our kindling products in one of two ways:

Kiln dried kindling 15-16 inches in length.
These strippings are collected as extra materials following the kiln drying process. It's as dry as can be!

Natural kindling is actually split into thin pieces from a log. The wood has been allowed to air dry ensuring a dry, combustable kindling with that "woodsie" aura. Lengths are 15-16 inches.

Starting or Rekindling the Fire

When burning wood the following point should be considered for kindling

  • Use crumpled newspaper.
  • Never use glossy magazine paper or liquids.
  • Keep indoors for best result.
  • Light the paper where kindling fire will get plenty of air.

Kindling Bundle