Wood Burning Safety

Firewood Burning Precautions

It is easy to prevent dangerous situations such as chimney fires by taking the proper safety measures.

Here are some good tips on ways to burn cleaner wood fires.

Burn clean, well-seasoned wood that has been split and dried properly.

Don't let a small spark ignite a big blaze.

Ensure you have properly fitted screen around your fireplace.

A decorative screen does not provide protection.

Don’t use gasoline, kerosene or charcoal starter – you will get more firepower than you bargained for.

Don’t burn plastic, particleboard, plywood, or any other painted or treated wood, it releases toxic chemicals into the environment.

Remove ashes regularly, the sparks in hot ashes can easily start fires.

Ensure new stove’s or fireplace’s should be professionally installed.

Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and keep a fire extinguisher nearby, for more details go to www.firewire.org.

Keep the fire hot and small.

Feed it regularly with split wood and never let it smolder.

Never overload your stove or fireplace.

Burn dry, well-seasoned wood that has been split properly.

Do not leave a Fireplace Fire unattended, and NEVER go to bed with a fire on...